Saturday, October 31, 2015

An Autumn Saturday Morning

Before the last leaf floats to the ground, I wanted to get these pictures posted. I went out on an early morning photo jaunt a couple weeks ago to the place where it all started..."it" being the re-awakening of my love of photography.

About 8 years ago I woke up early on a Saturday morning and decided take a walk with our little "point & shoot" on the bike trail close to our church. One of those photos turned out so pretty, I got interested again in taking artsy pictures. Which led to a better camera, which led to a class, then another class, then a certification, then another camera, then a better lens...

So here are some things you might see early in the morning...

Warning: watch where you walk/run...the spider webs hang between branches, just about face-height!

The geese honking overhead.

The bikers biking.

The joggers jogging.

So pretty how the sun illuminates the turn of the trail.

Same spot, different shutter speed. (I didn't just stand here taking pictures of other people exercising! I walked the trail a bit and came back to this spot. I liked the composition from this angle best.)

Looking between the weeds to the pond. The reflection of trees on the pond makes this look like a stormy picture.

On the road a few miles away...

A quiet neighborhood in a nearby small town yielded up a purple door.

And then it was back home to tackle the Saturday to-do list!

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mwc said...

Nice ! Some of my favorite times are early morning
walks. I really need to take a camera. The morning sun makes for some beautiful scenes when soften by the morning fog and mist. I do not have the uncanny ability to capture them on film like you, but I have a album in my head that you would not believe ! Thanks for sharing .....