Sunday, December 20, 2015

An Art Deco Christmas

Last weekend I went to a ladies luncheon at the Mayo Hotel in downtown. One of Tulsa's famous art deco era buildings, it was nearly torn down a few years ago. Saved from the wrecking ball, it's been restored to its former glory. (More info here:

The main reason I wanted to attend this function was to see the building. My husband, his secretary & I checked it out as a possible venue for an event we were heading up a few years ago. At that time, they were almost finished with the first two floors; so it wasn't suitable for our purpose. I wanted to see the finished project and of course take pictures. I love photographing interesting architecture.

The lobby is grand, with a gorgeous staircase being the first thing you see. Well, usually. Right now the first you see is the art-deco inspired Christmas tree.

What better place for Santa to hold court than the centerpiece staircase! Some organization must have been having their Christmas party there. I saw refreshment tables set up and parents taking their kids up the stairs to be photographed with the elegant Elf of Christmas. I'm assuming the foil streamers are just a background for the Santa throne and not part of the usual decor. Coz that would be...tacky.

My son said he looks like he needs a big Game of Thrones sword in his hand. He is striking a rather sort of "Winter is Coming" pose.

I love this unique view of the Man in Red.

The tint on the next shot reminds me of my own childhood pictures with Santa, wearing my little burgandy coat with the white furry trim.

Now, back to the Mayo...
Our event was on the fourth floor. A silver deco tree sparkled in the reception area there..

What a beautiful restoration they've done. It's so elegant with such a sense of history.

I guess the lighting and chandeliers were the most fascinating to me. I took so many pictures from different angles, it was hard to choose which ones to post. Might get a little repetitious from here on...

It was so windy & cold last weekend that I wasn't up for exterior shots. When the weather is warmer, I think another photo-trek to downtown will be top of my list.

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