Saturday, February 6, 2016

Like a Pallet

Pallet upcycling is a popular trend. It's all over Pinterest and other crafty websites. Recently I came across a stack of colorful pallets as I was short-cutting behind a shopping center...and I didn't have my camera. Darn! But I did have it when I saw this one in the ministry's warehouse. The pretty shades of blue caught my eye.

As I was going through a folder of pictures tonight I came across it again. Sometimes I find a picture first, which will inspire a post and that's what happened here. I admired the colors and texture while doing some Photoshop tweaking, Then I noticed for the first time the broken slat on the right.

It makes it even more perfect! It's a great metaphor for a life well lived - a life of purpose, one that serves others with it's gift. Along the way we acquire color and stains. Sometimes we get a splinter or two and sometimes we're another person's splinter.

Sometimes a part of us gets broken.

But our purpose is never over and our usefulness remains, until we are called home by our Creator.

Until then, keep learning, keep investigating, keep trying. Take what you know and upcycle it! Set another goal. Dream a new dream.

You are never too old.

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mwc said...

Nice post.. I have many broken and warped slats but I also have many dreams I wish to fulfill.. so as hard as it is sometimes. I'll just pull the splinters, fix what I can and trudge forward. lol I'm a pallet with a