Saturday, January 21, 2017

Phone Klutz

I admit it. I'm a cell phone klutz. My family gets annoyed because they can never reach me. My phone is either in my purse or needs charged. I cannot thumb text. Typing a text takes me 4-ev-er and the only means of communication my staff acknowledges is a text. Ugh.

Right before Christmas I had to waste an hour at the phone store replacing the 2-year old device (but yay for upgrade time!) I had been shopping, and as we tend to do nowadays, wanted to take a picture of an item I was thinking about buying. Removed phone from purse. Had it firmly in hand. Went to press the camera icon and would you believe that thing literally jumped out of my hand? I am not making this up. Splat, face down on a concrete floor.

Good news (2) / bad news (1):
I love the new phone. I didn't lose the pictures I really liked because I usually copy them to my photo folder. But I didn't back up my phone contacts. Such is life.

Which brings me to the photo here.

I stopped by a local business to check out some display materials. I got the phone out - CAREFULLY - and snapped the pictures I needed. Then I found out this phone also has a mind of its own! No, it didn't suddenly leap from my hand. It took pictures all by itself! Don't ask me how. Just call it a mystery.

But I love this picture! This phone has an artistic eye. I think we're going to be happy together.

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Sammie Cummings said...

It is very artistic! My grandkids have taught me "iPhone" stuff!