Saturday, April 22, 2017


The other day when I posted a blog, I noticed on the sidebar that I started this thing in 2007. In September I'll have been posting pictures, stories, & thoughts here for TEN years!!

(cell phone photo - old bridge in Pawhuska, OK)

In the early days, Blogger would only let you upload small pictures and it took forever, so they needed to be a small resolution, too. Many improvements have been made over the years - bigger sizes, higher rez & batch uploading. So I decided to go back and adjust the pix from the beginning (not rez, just size).

It's been a little trip down Memory Lane. I'm SO glad I started blogging! Journaling wasn't my thing, but this has worked for me.  I've been enjoying re-reading my posts -- I know how conceited that sounds -- but some things I had forgotten about. It's like looking thru an old diary or family album.

Ten years naturally means lots of changes...

I used to write a lot more. I remember when that changed - I had started writing newsletters for other people and was all out of words by the time I got to my blog. Also had some life-challenging years that just left me empty with little to say.

My parents were still alive.

My son was in college, then starting his career.

Harley & Blu2 were a big part of our life.

Friends coming & going. Jobs changing. Family changes. Even hobby changes!

I'm really glad to see my photography skills have improved. Not Annie Leibovits yet, but I've come a fair distance. (cut me some slack on the phone pix).  Sometimes I even get paid :)

I'm almost thru 2008 with the photo adjustments. Not sure how much farther this particular road is, but we'll just take it a post at a time.

Thanks to everyone who's joined me occasionally on this journey. I hope you've enjoyed my pictures and mind ramblings!

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