Monday, June 19, 2017

Hot Air Balloons!

So, Tulsa had a little Balloon Festival...

It's actually not the first time. It's moved around over the years and I've never really gone. However, it was close by this time and I wanted to get at least a couple pictures.

As usual, Oklahoma weather tried to rain on our parade. Between the wind and a couple thunderstorms, they weren't able to fly until Sunday night. There were lots of other activities, though.

We drove over Sunday evening and watched them lift off. Some drove to another location and we could watch them fly back. There was a balloon glow at dusk but we didn't stay for that.

I love seeing hot air balloons! The first time I ever saw one was 1984. We had just moved to Broken Arrow; I went out to pick up the newspaper on a summer morning and saw a balloon coming down about a quarter mile away. It was all field in that area then. I put my little boy in the car & we zoomed over there, both of us still in pajamas. It was so cool!

So here's my hot air balloon pix 2017. It was a spontaneous fun kind of evening as we wound down our Father's Day celebrating.

I would love to see Albuquerque's balloon festival someday. This doesn't come anywhere near that, but hey.

I saw other pix of the balloon glow which showed several more balloons than I show here.

Up, up and awa-aay
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