Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

I was asked to take some pix at a wedding recently. The cake was quite colorful. For fun, I made some adjustments on the color saturation, giving it kind of a "French blue" look. The color and the lace makes me think of the current interest in Marie Antoinette. Did you know she did not really say "let them eat cake"?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Branson Belle

As promised awhile back, I was going to get caught up on posting some pictures from our little trip to Branson. Yes, I know - that was all the way back last fall. But it's dreary out right now. Spring hasn't decided to stay yet and the snowy white Bradford trees bloomed out so quickly, I missed getting any pictures of them. (No matter - they look the same every year :)
So meet the lovely Branson Belle. She takes you on a little cruise around Table Rock Lake in Branson, MO. while enjoying dinner and a show.

A view of our table from the balcony. Dinner was ok. The show was very fun. They had an old fashioned band, some really good singers, and a comedian. He was a ventriloquist who used this goofy old Boston Terrier as his "puppet." Sounds corny but it was hilarious. That dog had great expression.Lots of quaintness.

And it was a beautiful evening for a stroll on the esplanade.