Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bloomin' in the Back Yard!

A friend pointed out that I am slacking on my blog. I've taken some fun pictures lately, but it's true, I've been a slacker about processing & posting them. So here's a quick look at what's happening - in the back yard!

I think I'll go back and add some poetic text to this picture. Originally I had petunias in these pots, but they got leggy and unsightly. I re-planted them in a different container and the rabbits ate them! Bad wascallys!

This is truly an exciting basket, if you know me. I don't have a green thumb. Actually, I never had the patience to cultivate a green thumb. So the neat thing here is, this basket of morning glories is growing from seeds! From SEEDS, people! I planted seeds in dirt and they grew. Wow! Rather than have them vine up from the ground, I'm hoping they will eventually cascade out of the basket. I saw it on Pinterest, so it must work, right?

This basket was a splurge. It came ready-made for a mere (?) $18. It was too pretty to pass up. I've been working hard to keep it healthy!

This is something special... it's a Fairy Garden made for me by one of my artdoll-club friends. It did have some mossy little greenery (green-thumb deficient, remember?). The teapot fairy house is a Thomas Kincaide. There's a little pebble path with a tiny bench to rest on. You can't see it here, but a little bee perches on the bench. It's made of wire & beads. I've been wanting to make a Fairy Garden, so this was a wonderful gift!

This is very special. I took this picture on Mother's Day of one of the first roses to bloom on the Knockout Rose bush. I bought 2 bushes with a Mother's Day gift card my own mom gave me a couple years ago. It was the last gift she gave me before she passed away. I think of her every day, but there's something about seeing these bushes thrive and the roses bloom... it's like assurance that she is still with me.