Monday, April 26, 2010

It's All Perception

My husband has the "glass is 1/2 full" outlook on life. He thinks I am a "glass is 1/2 empty" type. Actually I am more inclined to ask "what's in the glass?"So that being said... my picture theme tonight is "random things on the ground." Even if things are not looking up (which is not the case here at the time) and you find yourself downcast, look around! There are interesting things down on the ground. Here are just a few:
Always keep a camera on hand.
Because even if life is looking down right now, at least keep it interesting.
Life in Pixels.

It's all perception.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

FairyLand in the Pond

As I mentioned yesterday, the azaleas weren't in full costume yet, so I had to look for other interesting things to photograph. I just love these root things. They make me think of some tiny fairy island.
I can imagine the wee folk sailing between the islands, living in the skyscrapers.
Going thru the tunnel to visit their kin on the other side.
Hey, with the news the way it is lately, can you blame me for indulging in a little fairy tale now & then?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adventures in Azaleas

So, we're on 'vacation' this week. Not the kind where you travel someplace new & exotic. This is the stay-at-home/catch-up-on-stuff kind of vacation. We did take a break yesterday to sleep late, go out for breakfast and venture out of town. Even though it was only a 45 minute drive, it was still out of town! Ya just need that sometimes to clear your head and get some perspective.This particular photo excursion was to the Azalea Festival. AJ took these four pictures. I'm so proud of him! He's actually quite good. The white one is my favorite. Technically, it's probably darker than it should be, but I love it as is. The composition, contrast of green & white, the soft pretty, so bridal. It looks great as my computer wallpaper. The azaleas weren't at peak bloomage yet. The park didn't seem as lush as I remember, so I had to look purposefully for interesting (well, to me) things to photograph. The sprinklers were all running & I thought the mists and water droplets created interesting effects.
So there you have, my series entitled: Sprinklers

Just in Time!

Hot pink & lime green. I love these colors! Always have.The perfect adornment to crown my latest creation's pretty green coif.
I found the feathers on clearance after Christmas in the mini-tree decorations. I got some lime green ones & a few other things, too. That's a great place to stock up on doll trimmings!Her top is a piece of hand-dyed silk from when I attempted to learn that particular artform. The little tap pants are trimmed in bright orange sequins left over from my banner-making days. She's holding a glass bubble I bought at Pier One a couple years ago. (I didn't like the hands & wanted to hide them.) I smiled when another doll artist said, "yep, you're a dollmaker now" because I combined 2 different patterns & made up the costume myself. WooHoo!
I finished her just in time for the TDD's April meeting. And just in time to start a new project in our 3-day workshop that begins tomorrow. I like to have projects completed before starting something new.This workshop has even the experienced dollmakers among us all-a-jitter. Angela Jarecki will be teaching us how to sculpt a doll (view it here; she's called "Reluctance") with paperclay, then cover with fabric. If they're apprehensive, think how I must feel - this will only be my 5th doll!
Wonder what my little green-haired friend sees in her gazing ball?