Monday, July 24, 2017

Random Summer Pix

 Just some shots I've snagged recently.

 I've been getting some work doing real estate photography. (uh, no -- that's not someone's house above). On my way home from a shoot, I noticed the flag on top of the machinery. Is John Deere still American owned? Nice touch, nonetheless.

This birdhouse was in the garden of another home. I like the whimsy.

Evening sun was lighting my crepe myrtles in such a lovely way.

And what would a post be without a Khali update? Hubby took this with his iPad yesterday. I jazzed it up a little to cover the graininess. She had just had a bath, blow dry & brushout. My beautiful princess!! She continues to endlessly entertain, sometimes annoy, but always brings joy to the house.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Fireworks Season Part 2

So for the 3rd year, my church planned a pretty good shindig for the small town community it's located in. Oklahoma weather tried it's best to rain on our parade, but not this time! It down-poured in the morning, but cleared up with intermittent threats throughout the day. 

Threats, but no rain, Hallelujah!! What it accomplished was to give us great cloud cover and cooler temps!

I made these flags for my previous church about 10 years ago. I contacted them last year to see if we could buy them back. I'm so glad they're still being used! They make a fun, colorful backdrop for the main stage.

Last year, the police estimated 12-13000 in attendance on the grounds and the neighboring parking lots. Haven't heard a headcount yet but according to Facebook, looks like everyone there had a great time.

There were a bunch of inflatable games for the kids. The fire dept. let them play in the spray and sit in the truck. There was face painting and just general running free in the big outdoors. What little kid doesn't love that?

Lots of "fair food" like kettle corn, bbq, turkey legs, etc.

Kettle corn - YUM!

A local bakery that specializes in bundt cakes sells "bundtlets" at festivals.

Looks like we had some OSU fans in attendance.

One of our guest speakers was Sen. James Lankford. I'm a fan and got to meet him by happenstance.
He gave a great speech. Other local politicians spoke and a swearing in induction ceremony for the military was held.

Then it was time for the fireworks show! I don't think I did as well getting pictures this time.  Just posting a few. Besides, when you've seen one set of fireworks pix, you've pretty much seen them all!

Happy Fourth, Everyone!
Be safe,
enjoy your family,
pray for our country
and protect our precious liberty.