Saturday, March 28, 2009


Anyone for a little Global Warming?

Let's see: last week - 80 degrees.
Today - this.

Go figure.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moment of Surrender

If you've ever had an encounter with Jesus Christ, you know the feeling of sweet surrender. Who would not want to yield to such love?

At the moment of surrender
I folded to my knees
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me

At the moment of surrender
Of vision over visibility
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me

Only love, only love can leave such a mark
But only love, only love can heal such a scar
Justified till we die, you and I will magnify
The Magnificent

Lyrics from these songs on U2's new album: Moment of Surrender; Magnificent.

The stained glass crosses are hanging in a co-worker's office. I was actually going outside to photograph the flowers & was instead wowed by the contrast of cobalt glass against the clear blue sky. Also wowed by this new album!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Shack

Do you ask the hard spiritual questions? Get mad at God? Or as my mother used to say, "sass" Him? I do. In fact, I will admit that I am one of God's bratty kids. But I just finished a book and I think it changed me.

The Shack. It seems people either love it or hate it. I am one of those who loved it. Not to judge, but I'm getting the impression that people who see life in black & white, or people for whom the letter of the law became the law of the word, don't get The Shack. People who think in imagery, or understand concepts thru metaphors, will probably enjoy this book. I loved the depiction of the Holy Spirit. I was "especially fond of that one." *smile* Papa says that alot in the book.

That line really sealed the deal for me because a couple years ago, I was rather frustrated with my son. We were taking a summer ride with the convertible top down, trying to talk things out. In a period of silence, I heard in my spirit ... I am not making this up... the Lord said with a chuckle, "I LOVE the way I made him!!!"

I'm so glad He's especially fond of my son. And me, even though I'm a brat. He's especially fond of you, too!

Some other lines from the book:

"Humans are not defined by their limitations but by the intentions I have for them; not by what they seemed to be, but by everything it means to be created in my image."

"Sin is its own punishment, devouring you from the inside. It's not my purpose to punish it; it's my joy to cure it."
"The choice to eat of that tree tore the universe apart, divorcing the spiritual from the physical. They died, expelling in the breath of their choice the very breath of God. That was a great sorrow day."

"Evil is a word we use to describe the absence of Good, just as we use the word darkness to describe the absence of Light or death to describe the absence of Life. Both evil and darkness can only be understood in relation to Light and Good; they do not have any actual existence. I am Love and there is no darkness in me. Light and Good actually exist. So, removing yourself from me will plunge you into darkness. Declaring independence will result in evil because apart from me, you can only draw upon yourself. That is death because you have separated yourself from me: Life."

"When I dwell in you, I do so in the present; I live in the present. Not the past, although much can be remembered and learned by looking back, but only for a visit, not an extended stay. (Mack questions why he always imagines the worst for the future) It is your desperate attempt to get some control over something you can't. It is impossible ... because it isn't even real, nor will it ever be real. You try & play God, imagining the evil that you fear becoming a reality, and then you try and make avoid what you fear "

"Emotions are the color of the soul; they are spectacular and incredible." (There's a whole gorgeous scene describing how color is the representation of our emotions, our love, our relationship to each other and to God.)

Although the book is probably not for everybody, I thought it was lovely. I will not be the same for having read it. For more information, click here:

(these 'shack' photos were shot in the Smoky Mtns, TN)
PS: if you're one of those hard-core theology types who don't like the book, this article might give you something to think about:

No Line on The Horizon

re-boot yourself
You're free to go
Shout for joy
if you get the chance
You enter here
right now
You know your name
so punch it in
Hear me
cease to speak
that I may speak
Shush now
Don't move or say a thing
"Unknown Caller' U2 No Line on the Horizon

Pretty cryptic lyrics, but I use them here because I'm taking two days off to
reboot myself.
How? Spending quiet time, reading, reflecting, creating. For me, that's the "shush now." It's when I can more easily hear what He is wanting to say to me.
And the new album? Pretty good! It took two full listens to get cozy with it. I think The Edge owns this album (rather than showcasing Bono). Gorgeous guitar.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


CAUSALITY. Cause and Effect. In The Matrix, the Merovingian does a wonderfully droll monologue on causality.

I offer here a pictoral metaphor of the causality of the elegant O's First Thirty Days. It's not going to take a Hundred Days to realize we're in for a very long four years.

Not surprising, but still, so disappointing.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take a Moment

Recently I was asked to glance at a letter from one of our kindergarten teachers to her students' parents. It was a fun letter of classroom news, upcoming Valentine Parties, and information about the week's lessons. She praised the children's reading skills and encouraged the parents to listen to their little ones read. She said, "take a moment and be impressed." I thought that was such a lovely sentence and great advice for all of us.

Take a moment ... life is so busy. I haven't even posted anything but 2 pictures in the last month. So much has been happening and I really need to bring all of my 2 readers up to date! But take a moment...

look around & notice the beauty in nature and even ordinary things around you.
enjoy your children; they grow up too fast.
soak in a happy memory; that's what they're for, like a photo album in your mind.
be kind to someone, especially those kids at the fast food places & restaurants. You have no idea what burdens they might be carrying. Don't pass on your stress.
And be impressed ...
with God's creation. (wow, this morning there was quite an impressive sunrise here).
with how blessed you are.
with the time we live in. Yes, there's lots of negatives, but this is a Renassiance of sorts. So much art, literature, music, technology, scientific discoveries ... there's never been anything like this on this scale.
with yourself! You know what? You're probably doing a good job with your life, your family, your work. Give yourself some credit.

I thought this rock was pretty darn impressive. But I'm more impressed with the guy who's taking a moment himself.

He's a wonderful and amazing man. Full of energy, creativity, insight, and wisdom. I'm also impressed with his growing photography skills. He's learning to see something interesting in the ordinary. These were shot last summer during his missions trip in Spain:

Take a moment and be impressed.
Wise advice from a kindergarten teacher.