Friday, May 30, 2008


I would not normally post such an unflattering picture of Blu2, but lately he's really been a Bean-Head. This is Joe's nickname for him. I retaliate by calling his dog a Fat-Head. We're very mature in this house. Maybe Joe has spoken Blu's beanheadedness into being. Yep. It's his fault; he's the husband.

So what's the beloved Afghan been doing? First of all, he's turning into a Smedley. Once upon a time, we had an English Cocker Spaniel who became so attached to me that he suffered severe separation anxiety when I wasn't around. Clinginess is not an attribute that I'm attracted to, in people or dogs. Joe nicknamed that dog "Smedley" - I don't know why - but it fit. 

Afghans are supposed to be aloof and independant, which is one reason I like them. But Blu is not a normal afghan. He loves to play fetch and he actually brings the ball back to you. Most affies take the approach of "you threw it, you go get it." He loves attention and affection; I'm concerned he's on his way to becoming co-dependant, a Smedley. Second: he's becoming an insomniac. This is so not good, because I do enjoy sleeping and anyone who interrupts that gets on my cranky side. Third: all of a sudden, he hates his crate. He used to love it, would choose to sleep in it w/o being told. Now he's terrorizing the thing and has nearly destroyed it. Fourth: he's fighting with Harley. Bad dog.

Now is this not the picture of total cool? This guy has the right idea. Harley is so laid back, so sweet. He could take Blu down, but he doesn't. He fights back just enough to keep some dignity, but he'd rather be sleeping.

Oh Blu.....I think I hear a "snip snip" in your future.....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tea For Three

I promise, this will be my last "Tea" post for awhile. I wanted to talk a bit about this particular tea set. It's my very favorite. It's beautiful, practical, and well made. And it's very special, because it was a birthday gift from my husband and son.

The set includes a teapot, sugar, creamer, and three cups/saucers. Three. Not two. Not four. Three. Have you ever heard of Tea for Three? Maybe it goes like this (feel free to hum along)

tea for three
and three for tea
tea for you,
and me and thee...
Anyway, I digress. When I opened the box, I wondered, why only 3 cups & saucers? and was just ever so slightly disappointed. But his thought was: a cup for me, one for him, and one for son. Why would we need any more? Ah, male logic. Gotta love 'em.

My plan was to add a cup/saucer one set at a time. I think they were $12 or $17 a set. Probably another reason there were only three! But time passed. I would forget about it until I went to use it, then think "oh yes, must stop by that shop next pay and get a cup/saucer set!" And more time would pass. Finally, when I did stop by the shop, the lady was gone. I was Punished by Procrastination once again. Will I ever learn?

Pollyanna Ending: I'm glad I don't have a matching set of 4, 6, or 8 cups. Three is perfect. It represents my family. Just us three. The husband & son who gave me this set because they love me are the most important people in my life. I love them so much.
Tea for Three has a very nice ring to it, don't you think?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yes, Life Imitates Art

Everyone has someone in their life at some point who...oh, shall we say...resembles this picture. Right now this person is causing me a lot of distress (note: he's not a relative, people, so don't be thinking it's my Joey).

I'm trying to give it over to God. After all, it's one of HIS kids. But it's not easy. I vacillate between "Let Go and Let God" and a wonderful fantasy of grabbing him by his scruffy neck and punching him in the face. Oh yeah, my uber-spiritual readers - like you've never thought such a thing. uh huh. 

I took Blu2 for a walk this evening and prayed. That's about all I can do.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Teapot Tour

People have asked me how many teapots I have. I think it's over 50 now, not counting the little decorative ones. What makes my collection unique is that many of them are from around the world. Joe brings one back for me from every country he takes a mission team to. He tries hard, even having team members be on the lookout for a pretty pot. There have been a few countries where he couldn't find anything, but for the most part, he's done a pretty good job; sometimes bringing back a whole set! So tonight, I'm going to treat you to a partial tour. Pardon the picture quality; we're just going for content this time. Much of the collection decorates the top of the kitchen cabinets and every teapot has a story.
From left to right, let me introduce:

a blue cameo pot from my mom / Germany / one from my former boss that held flowers for Admin Asst. Day / just one I liked / Philippines

a musical pot that plays "tea for two", another gift from mom / Latvia / Mongolia / this one is foreign, but I don't remember what country / London - this one I bought myself on the way home from my very first mission trip (to Nigeria). We had a 2 day R&R in London. I loved it there! (London, not Nigeria, but that's a whole other story)

On the fireplace mantal sit some whimsical teapots; this one is another gift from mom. It's a Beatrix Potter bunny.
I love this cat! I found it in an antique shop in Missouri.
A gift from a dear, dear friend on her wedding day. I was one of her bridesmaids. She loves calla lilies and I always think of her when I see this pot.
A beautiful, beautiful set, including 6 cup/saucers, from Prague.
Left to right: Thailand / Moscow / Australia (it has a little koala bear on the lid)
Three genuine Yxing teapots from China. The one on the left is a dragon's "egg". It & the middle one are gifts from my friend who is moving to China next month! The one on the right was brought back by my husband. Yxing teapots are made from the natural 'purple' clay of a certain location in China; it's supposed to make the tea taste wonderful. I had a very pretty black one, too, but it got broken *sniff* :(
Another beautiful set from Russia. A tall slender pot with six delicate demitasse cups.

Here are two more whimsical pots: the taxi was a gift from another friend (she's from Korea, but I don't think the teapot is) And, last but not least: the Three Bears, something I found on another little antique excursion and Had To Have.

Not pictured: teapots from Mexico, Honduras, Bulgaria & Poland; another from Thailand, several more from my mom, and one that belonged to my Great Grandmother.
That's the end of our tour tonight; I'm sure you were fascinated :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Tea

Some pictures from yesterday's Tea...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

If Teacups Could Talk...

They would say:
It's come and gone already -- the Annual Mother-Daughter Tea. Just like the holidays, where there's so much planning, shopping, preparation and then, bang, it's over! But it was fun. All the tables were so beautiful; the little girls so charming; the guests so pleasant. It was nice to take a few hours from the busyness of daily life, the dreariness of world news (not to mention the gas prices) and carve out some pamper time and create some beauty for other ladies. Notice I said 'ladies.' Because that's what you feel like when you do proper Tea.
So here's a pictoral history of how a Mystical Gypsy prepares for a Grand Tea Event...

Ribbons & wallpaper samples. hmmm. We can do something with that...

Old fashioned May baskets! Frou-frou with some pink tissue paper & fill with lucious chocolate and you have favors for the guests.

What else do we already have on hand?

Sage organza -- the beautiful fabric created just to test a sewing saint's patience. I found this, actually several years ago, at such a bargain price, I bought a gazillion yards with the ambitious intent to make a bedskirt. Which didn't look so hot when all was said & done. I've been hanging on to it with another ambitious intent to make placemats or table runners. Aha - now's the time. Except, let's do 2 colors. Off to the fabric shop where a beautiful lavender was on sale - yahoo! Except I didn't figure on enough. Return to store. Of course it's all gone. Now my heart is intent on this color; I must have it or my life will be ruined, so I exchanged the 2 yards for 3 of a slightly different color and at a higher price. Of course they let me exchange it!

What would the teacups say at this point? "Crazy woman." She's learning a new job (kinda saps your brain energy, ya know?), husband is on a multi-country trip (leaving her with 2 large, needy dogs), and there's only a week to make these organza runners (with 3 evening obligations, there's basically only 2 evenings left). How hard can runners be? Just a straight edge, you say? 1 - obviously you've never worked with what I affectionately call "the beautiful fabric from he}}" and 2 - I always seem to do things the hard way when it comes to sewing. I thought about my friend Debbie a lot. She's the Queen of Stitch Witchery.

Moving on. We have frou-frou favors and organza table runners. Now we need a centerpiece. Ribbons. May. May Baskets. A Maypole? It was a thought. Off to Michaels for inspiration. Instead, I found another bargain - a topiary marked down 40% and ribbon was on sale (Michaels has become my FCS, favorite craft store, lately).

Making progress. We have a topiary maypole & ribbons. Needs something else, a whimsical touch.

Lo and Be-Hold -- I found these darling fairies marked 50% off after Christmas and Had To Have Them. Usually, they sit on the curtain rod in my crafty room, but they were quite happy to take center stage on the Tea Table. The whimsy factor just ratcheted up a couple notches.

And here is the final result.

Now for the Icing on the Cake.... 

What a surprise! I just wanted to splash some color around & have fun. I've never won a first-place anything before!

It was a fun week and a lovely day. So if Teacups Could Talk, they would say, "Happy Mother's Day." More bloggity-chat to come, but that's all for tonight.