Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Teapot Tour

People have asked me how many teapots I have. I think it's over 50 now, not counting the little decorative ones. What makes my collection unique is that many of them are from around the world. Joe brings one back for me from every country he takes a mission team to. He tries hard, even having team members be on the lookout for a pretty pot. There have been a few countries where he couldn't find anything, but for the most part, he's done a pretty good job; sometimes bringing back a whole set! So tonight, I'm going to treat you to a partial tour. Pardon the picture quality; we're just going for content this time. Much of the collection decorates the top of the kitchen cabinets and every teapot has a story.
From left to right, let me introduce:

a blue cameo pot from my mom / Germany / one from my former boss that held flowers for Admin Asst. Day / just one I liked / Philippines

a musical pot that plays "tea for two", another gift from mom / Latvia / Mongolia / this one is foreign, but I don't remember what country / London - this one I bought myself on the way home from my very first mission trip (to Nigeria). We had a 2 day R&R in London. I loved it there! (London, not Nigeria, but that's a whole other story)

On the fireplace mantal sit some whimsical teapots; this one is another gift from mom. It's a Beatrix Potter bunny.
I love this cat! I found it in an antique shop in Missouri.
A gift from a dear, dear friend on her wedding day. I was one of her bridesmaids. She loves calla lilies and I always think of her when I see this pot.
A beautiful, beautiful set, including 6 cup/saucers, from Prague.
Left to right: Thailand / Moscow / Australia (it has a little koala bear on the lid)
Three genuine Yxing teapots from China. The one on the left is a dragon's "egg". It & the middle one are gifts from my friend who is moving to China next month! The one on the right was brought back by my husband. Yxing teapots are made from the natural 'purple' clay of a certain location in China; it's supposed to make the tea taste wonderful. I had a very pretty black one, too, but it got broken *sniff* :(
Another beautiful set from Russia. A tall slender pot with six delicate demitasse cups.

Here are two more whimsical pots: the taxi was a gift from another friend (she's from Korea, but I don't think the teapot is) And, last but not least: the Three Bears, something I found on another little antique excursion and Had To Have.

Not pictured: teapots from Mexico, Honduras, Bulgaria & Poland; another from Thailand, several more from my mom, and one that belonged to my Great Grandmother.
That's the end of our tour tonight; I'm sure you were fascinated :)

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