Monday, May 31, 2010

Shabby Chic, Classical, Rock&Roll

I didn't like my HS senior picture, so in college, some company was offering a special deal on faux oil portraits complete with frame. I had one made for my parents, then my aunt & uncle asked for one too. When they passed away, it was returned to me. I put the picture in another frame & stored this one away to use for something else. Finally, today I got it out and repainted it. You might even say this frame is vintage as it's almost (xx) years old. Found the little crown & hook on clearance at my favorite craft store - and of course I HAD to have it (you remember my love for crowns). Then hung one of my very own hand-dyed silk scarves on it. Voila - shabby chic wall decor. A happy accomplishment today.

This picture was taken at a recent church celebration, a reunion of worship leaders, choir & orchestra members, and lots of church family & friends from over the years.
Even though worship music styles have changed over the years, when done skillfully and with the right heart attitude, it's all good. The reunion was a wonderful blend of 80's choruses with a Hebraic beat, 90's contemporary, and the new millennium sounds. It was such a fun day. The room was filled with love & joy. I think it might have been a little glimpse of what heaven will be like.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photography Class Level 1

Yes, you read that right. I'm taking a photography class. Finally. I had said before I didn't want to "learn the fun out of it" but now I'm ready. I've been blessed with this great toy & I want to learn how to use it as well as I possibly can.

So, first class homework assignment: getting good exposure metering in manual mode. We were supposed to go outside last weekend since the forecast was for sunny sky. My weekend was so jam-packed, I didn't get to it. And ... just like high school ... it was due this evening and I did it on my lunch hour today. "Some things change. Some things never do."

I'll put the instructor's comments after each picture. And not wait til the last minute to do the next assignment (which is on setting aperature & depth of field).

Love the focus on the handle, some shallow depth of field. Great composition.

Good exposure. Love the black metal against the lighter wood.

Really good exposure; the wicker just glows in the sun.

Really interesting picture; makes you wonder what that is. Love the pebbles & texture.

See how you can find interesting things to photograph in your own backyard? Nice lighting in this picture.

Looks like this was moving a little bit; you can see slight blurring along the star.

Good exposure. Love the way this chair curves around. Really nice composition in these pictures. A very nice, very good set of photographs.

Ok - so far, so good!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Mindstreaming

Hello.I haven't been blogging very regularly. I'm not hiding.I think I write so much at work anymore, that I'm out of words when I get home. So here's a mindstreaming (a random collection of thoughts, unstrung, one having nothing to do with the other). We haven't done this in awhile.I'm on a diet. I haven't dieted in over 5 years. Now I know why. B.O.R.I.N.G. Here's the kicker - I feel better. Stiff muscles, aches & pains have nearly vanished. Phooey. Well, not phooey to feeling better, but phooey to that it must be true what they say - you are what you eat.Which means if I want to continue feeling better, I have to eat correctly. I really enjoy incorrect eating. I'm bored with Facebook. It's just what I said it was in the rant I posted awhile back. Here's another kicker - I don't want to lose contact with people and FB has become the community center, the town square, the watering hole of the cyberworld. I guess I'm stuck with it. Like Wal-Mart.Speaking of books, I have read an odd assortment in the last few months. All (I think) of Philppa Gregory. Waiting now on her next release. A couple Alison Weir's. Tried to read "Wolf Hall", but it was much too cumbersome. A fascinating book about Columbine called "Columbine." The book about John Edwards, "The Politician" (thank goodness he didn't make it thru the primaries.) About to start Kitty Kelley's unauthorized book on Oprah. I'm very envious of Oprah. I'm hoping this book will make me realize that I'm much better off than she is. After that, "Angelology" which looks quite interesting.I never posted the snow pictures I took in January. They were quite gorgeous too. Maybe next year, and I'll pass them off as recent.
I'm already dreading winter. I've rediscovered The Young & The Restless. I love the "Adam" storyline. I hope they didn't kill him off. What a great convenience to be able to watch it online whenever I want. Cheaper than buying a dvr or TiVo.
This month it's been 4 years already since my son graduated college. Still paying for it too. Oy.
I think that will wrap up tonight's Mindstreaming. I'm sure there's more; my mind is like a Monet painting. Well, maybe more like Picasso. :)Doll made by Laurie, a member of TDD.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea Time

Today was our 14th Annual Tea! I'm honored & grateful that the leadership asked for my ideas on the theme again this year. I had just done a teaching on our position in God's royal family, so crowns were fresh on my mind. And voila ~ here was the theme and poster design. I was really pleased with how it turned out (remember, I'm still new at the graphic design thing, so every little success thrills me!)
Another talented friend came up with the centerpieces. Perfect! Teapots waiting to be filled. All shapes & colors. I was fairly swooning (I collect teapots, in case you don't know.)
My creative friend also hostessed a table. She loves hearts. I gave her this teapot from my collection a couple years ago. It was fun to see it on her table.
Brunch was catered by The Pink House. Baked Fudge is one of their specialties. mmmm..divine. If you live in this area, you simply must lunch there sometime. The food is wonderful (and unlike most tea rooms, they serve generous portions)A hat contest is a tradition. The catagories are 'traditional' & 'theme'. Frou-frou & feathers were definately in style today.
Definately theme. Yes, this is actually a hat, not a centerpiece. There is a person wearing it under all those tulips & feathers.Some people think the annual tea is for, ahem, "old ladies." Yes, someone actually said that. Let me tell you, the little girls LOVE it. They love to dress up and go to a 'real' tea party with the grown up ladies.This event gives away the most fabulous prizes and lots of them!Gorgeous baskets for Queens!
I've only shown a few here.Two years ago I won a tea set basket. It was so pretty, I didn't open it for weeks. (more about that here.)There were lots of prizes for the little Princesses, too!Wrappings so pretty they're almost yummy.The Ladies ministry is blessed to have one woman with a special knack for acquiring great donated gifts and another one who wraps them up so gorgeously.I didn't win anything this year, but still had a great time. And it was a perfect photo outing, too!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Green Beans

We met with some members of our Sunday School class in January to plan this year's class get togethers. We have a very big class & it's hard for people to get to know one another, so monthly activities are planned to promote fellowship & develop friendships. After some discussion, it occured to me that most of the activities revolved around food - potlucks, picnics, progressive dinners, going to the Amish restaurant, etc. Mind you, I'm not against enjoying the culinary delights life has to offer. We have some great cooks in the class! But in my experience, my best and most meaningful friendships have been made when working together on a common cause. So I threw the question out there. "Is there something we can do together that would benefit someone else? Then maybe we could go out for dinner afterwards." A wonderful lady mentioned that she knows someone who works at the area food bank & they always need help. And thus, "Fellowship With a Purpose" was born. We met at the food bank last Saturday. It wasn't at all what I pictured. It's in a nice, big building, very clean and organized. The staff are so sweet and there was plenty of work to do! We labeled cans, assembled boxes, packed & stacked 'em. We had couples, singles, and families come to help. The children worked right alongside the grownups.We processed over 7,000 cans of green beans, talking & sharing about life the whole time.As Martha would say: "it's a good thing."