Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea Time

Today was our 14th Annual Tea! I'm honored & grateful that the leadership asked for my ideas on the theme again this year. I had just done a teaching on our position in God's royal family, so crowns were fresh on my mind. And voila ~ here was the theme and poster design. I was really pleased with how it turned out (remember, I'm still new at the graphic design thing, so every little success thrills me!)
Another talented friend came up with the centerpieces. Perfect! Teapots waiting to be filled. All shapes & colors. I was fairly swooning (I collect teapots, in case you don't know.)
My creative friend also hostessed a table. She loves hearts. I gave her this teapot from my collection a couple years ago. It was fun to see it on her table.
Brunch was catered by The Pink House. Baked Fudge is one of their specialties. mmmm..divine. If you live in this area, you simply must lunch there sometime. The food is wonderful (and unlike most tea rooms, they serve generous portions)A hat contest is a tradition. The catagories are 'traditional' & 'theme'. Frou-frou & feathers were definately in style today.
Definately theme. Yes, this is actually a hat, not a centerpiece. There is a person wearing it under all those tulips & feathers.Some people think the annual tea is for, ahem, "old ladies." Yes, someone actually said that. Let me tell you, the little girls LOVE it. They love to dress up and go to a 'real' tea party with the grown up ladies.This event gives away the most fabulous prizes and lots of them!Gorgeous baskets for Queens!
I've only shown a few here.Two years ago I won a tea set basket. It was so pretty, I didn't open it for weeks. (more about that here.)There were lots of prizes for the little Princesses, too!Wrappings so pretty they're almost yummy.The Ladies ministry is blessed to have one woman with a special knack for acquiring great donated gifts and another one who wraps them up so gorgeously.I didn't win anything this year, but still had a great time. And it was a perfect photo outing, too!

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