Saturday, February 28, 2015

Assorted Pictures & Saturday Thoughts

I went to the ministry last Saturday to get some new shots for the monthly newsletter. I always have to get an artsy shot for myself.

One man lost his job and his car. He managed to transport four heavy plastic bags and a 5-lb bag of potatoes on this bike. I couldn't believe it when I saw him ride off. I had already taken a snap of the bike. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

This picture was taken in the summer. I loved the brightness of this lady's shoes! It's especially fun to look at today as I've stayed indoors to avoid the last minute dose of winter we just got.

I shot the next two last week. This is the neighbor kid's playground. It seemed to express my own longing for summer.

This is some kind of holly berry bush that hangs over our fence. Today it's covered with snow. It looks pretty but I'm over wanting to get snow pictures. I'm ready for white slacks & orange shoes!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Musings From the Antique Shop

It's Saturday. I had errands to run, a big decision to make, and the weather is cold and gloomy. Does that spell "need a cheap distraction"?

So I made a detour on my way to the grocery store and stopped at one of my favorite "junk" shops. It's always relaxing to stroll around. I think about my mom and remember things we talked about. I look at odd little items and picture a repurpose for them. Often I buy some little doo-dad to use on an art doll, an altered book, or a card. Here are some musings from today's visit... (pictures taken with the cell phone).

We bought this same canister set for my mother-in-law one Christmas in the mid-70s. It looks like the price is still about the same!

Have you ever wondered "where does Tupperware go to die?"

I have your answer. Old Corningware, too. They both end up in the same kitchen graveyard. (Come to think of it, I have and still use two of those pieces on the left!)

Check out this Jesus doll photobomb!

Yes, that is a Jesus doll. Can't say I've ever seen one before. $45. He appears to be watching over JFK and Marilyn.

Yep, The JFK and Marilyn. The irony of this particular grouping does not escape me. It just lends itself to all kinds of captions.

Here's something else I wonder about...

 Wouldn't these kitsche items be considered offensive in today's uber-sensitive culture?

Although Salty & Peppy are kinda cute,  I would feel very uncomfortable displaying these in a booth or my own home.

I mean, seriously, a "Mammy Pin Cushion"?