Wednesday, October 28, 2009

*TOC continued

*TOC (The Oklahoma Chronicles)
In Search of FallWe set out with camera in hand to see what Mother Nature has been painting.

And found some really beautiful places out here on the prairie. This was along the Illinois River.

And these two were in my own front yard!

The next picture is not about keeping with the fall color scheme. It was in front of a small town business.
  Lawdy, but these folk out here do love their college football!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Oklahoma Chronicles: Book II

We didn't make plans for any major vacation this year. Our son got married in February so we took a few days off for that. We visited the Ohio fam in June, and my sister spent a week with me here in July.

I had 2 weeks left and spent them on my very favorite month of the year, October. One week, I just enjoyed puttering around the house by myself doing the things I enjoy. Last week, the man & I vacationed at home the same way we would've done anywhere - having fun hanging out together.

We hit the road In Search of Fall and saw some beautiful color. Actually, I've seen more of Oklahoma this year than in all my 25 put together. So that's what Book II of The Oklahoma Chronicles will be about - a tour of my own backyard as seen through my lens.

Mind you - the first set of photos is not a typical sight. I've certainly never run across anything like it. But if you've never been here, this is probably what you imagined this state to look like:

Small towns, pickup trucks & horses.

Must feel good to go right past that pump and not shell out 35 bucks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Work is Fun

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to create graphics for Pastor's teaching series. Not all of them are used, but several things on the church website, I've done.

For the Canaan series, I envisioned something abstract, ala Pink Floyd-ish (although I sure didn't tell anyone that!) We borrowed a door from our drama dept. and headed out 'on location.' My son shot a couple of very cool video sermon opens.

We also lugged the door to the river because he was going to be teaching how the Jews had to cross the Jordan before reaching the Promised Land.
  I loved the effect of increasing saturation & contrast on this picture. I couldn't decide between the brown-toned picture and this one. The brown one was used on the website.

The next series is going to be called The Cave of Adullum. I found a picture I took in Missouri a couple years ago (lots of caves there!) and this is what I came up with tonight.

I'm supposed to be on vacation, but any opportunity to create with photographs, fonts & Photoshop is never work!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

U2 Lands at OU: An Epic Tale

A spaceship landed in the middle of Oklahoma, right smack in the middle of the OU football field.

It's crew: four beings with the blood of the ancient Irish warrior-poets coursing through their veins.
  The top of the ship was like a cathedral spire. It lit up the night sky, dazzling the congregation, pointing to The Magnificent.
  The past kissed the present and met the future. God was in the house and people, we had church in Norman, Oklahoma!

As the opening chords of the song, Magnificent, began, this middle-aged band and the 60,000 people surrounding them became one heart and baby, it was aaaawwwnnn!!

Bono's voice was clear and strong. The band was extraordinary and they all looked like they were genuinely having a great time.

The set list contained something for every fan. It was an incredible show, one that makes you thank the Lord for creating artists like this for others to enjoy.

This spectacular production-in-the-round gives a good view of the band no matter where you are (hence the "360 degree" title). The stage is round with an outer ring connected by two bridges. The guys utilize every inch of it, moving around, playing to the front, back & both sides.

And that, my friends, is why I said, the U2 360 Concert was Epic! Can I get an amen out there?!?!
  For more pictures, click here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

U2 Concert

Remember the Bucket List? On mine was to see U2 in concert.

But! I don't think I'll scratch it off. I'm just going to add: See U2 again in concert!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


35 years ago tonight, the rehearsal dinner at my soon-to-be in-laws was winding down. The house was filled with two families about to become one. His mother and aunts had served a home cooked feast, as only they could. The fathers were loud and enjoying the party, as they always did.
It was a perfect fall day and the next day promised to be the same. In fact, the next day held a lifetime of promise.

Four years of dating, two in high school, two during college in different cities. One 6-month breakup. We had survived the pre-marital counseling with a priest reluctant to join this good Catholic altar boy with a Methodist heathen. We had survived bridesmaid dress dissatisfaction, flower girl chicken pox, the scrutiny of well meaning Polish aunties, long distance wedding planning, and his job layoff just three days before the big event.

You know...if you can survive the wedding preparations, you can surely survive marriage!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is This The End?

(snapped this shot on my country drive this week. Not while I was driving, though, if that's what you're thinking.)

There's been talk in the media lately that newspapers are a dying breed because people just don't read them. I've noticed our local paper is getting thinner & thinner. The internet has taken over. That makes me quite sad. I love reading newspapers. I read two a day when I was in high school. Granted they were small town papers, but hey, how many high school kids do you know who read even one? What got me started reading past the comics was when my history teacher was on trial for murdering his wife. But that's a blog for another day. I was hooked on hard news.

When my son was little, all I ever wanted for Mother's Day was two hours of peace & quiet alone to read the Sunday paper all the way through. Now that he's all grown up, I have this luxury every weekend (there are benefits to the empty nest.) Until last weekend. Dum-da-dum-dum (Dragnet theme song in case you didn't recognize)

Sunday morning ritual: hubby goes to the corner convenience store, brings a newspaper & coffee home to spoiled wife. She reads the whole thing cover to cover & all the colorful ads in between. There's a process, too. Start with the comics; then the Young & Restless synopsis in the TV guide, followed by the Parade magazine. Next, the social section, followed by the opinion section (Garrison Keillor first). Then wrap it up with national news and advertisements.

Until last weekend. (repeat: Dum-da-dum-dum) No paper, delivery was running late. I said no problem, I'll make tea & read it online this week. Probably should get used to it.

People, it is NOT the same! Reading the Sunday paper online is NOT the same! You have to click for every little thing. You can't spread out the monitor. You can't lay on the floor with it wide open before you. There's no tactile satisfaction of turning pages, folding it in half, tearing out interesting articles or coupons. It makes my eyes tired and is just way too much work to read it online!!! Can you tell I am unhappy with this trend? And I'm an internet junkie! Just not when it comes to my weekend newspapers.

I, for one, shall mourn when the real newspaper is laid to rest. *sniff*

A Lesson Learned - Slow Down

I took a ride in the country yesterday. Gorgeous fall day; probably the only one we'll see this week.

  I saw something odd and pulled over for closer look...

Guess she was rushing to beat the Halloween crowd.

And crashed into a tree.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009