Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is This The End?

(snapped this shot on my country drive this week. Not while I was driving, though, if that's what you're thinking.)

There's been talk in the media lately that newspapers are a dying breed because people just don't read them. I've noticed our local paper is getting thinner & thinner. The internet has taken over. That makes me quite sad. I love reading newspapers. I read two a day when I was in high school. Granted they were small town papers, but hey, how many high school kids do you know who read even one? What got me started reading past the comics was when my history teacher was on trial for murdering his wife. But that's a blog for another day. I was hooked on hard news.

When my son was little, all I ever wanted for Mother's Day was two hours of peace & quiet alone to read the Sunday paper all the way through. Now that he's all grown up, I have this luxury every weekend (there are benefits to the empty nest.) Until last weekend. Dum-da-dum-dum (Dragnet theme song in case you didn't recognize)

Sunday morning ritual: hubby goes to the corner convenience store, brings a newspaper & coffee home to spoiled wife. She reads the whole thing cover to cover & all the colorful ads in between. There's a process, too. Start with the comics; then the Young & Restless synopsis in the TV guide, followed by the Parade magazine. Next, the social section, followed by the opinion section (Garrison Keillor first). Then wrap it up with national news and advertisements.

Until last weekend. (repeat: Dum-da-dum-dum) No paper, delivery was running late. I said no problem, I'll make tea & read it online this week. Probably should get used to it.

People, it is NOT the same! Reading the Sunday paper online is NOT the same! You have to click for every little thing. You can't spread out the monitor. You can't lay on the floor with it wide open before you. There's no tactile satisfaction of turning pages, folding it in half, tearing out interesting articles or coupons. It makes my eyes tired and is just way too much work to read it online!!! Can you tell I am unhappy with this trend? And I'm an internet junkie! Just not when it comes to my weekend newspapers.

I, for one, shall mourn when the real newspaper is laid to rest. *sniff*


Anonymous said...

cute article, some good points. i would sit on floor and read paper all spread open, eat a maple dougnut, and my coffee with my cat beside me. it was a fun time. another loss.

Anonymous said...

another thing what will dogs fetch now?! :)