Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Work is Fun

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to create graphics for Pastor's teaching series. Not all of them are used, but several things on the church website, I've done.

For the Canaan series, I envisioned something abstract, ala Pink Floyd-ish (although I sure didn't tell anyone that!) We borrowed a door from our drama dept. and headed out 'on location.' My son shot a couple of very cool video sermon opens.

We also lugged the door to the river because he was going to be teaching how the Jews had to cross the Jordan before reaching the Promised Land.
  I loved the effect of increasing saturation & contrast on this picture. I couldn't decide between the brown-toned picture and this one. The brown one was used on the website.

The next series is going to be called The Cave of Adullum. I found a picture I took in Missouri a couple years ago (lots of caves there!) and this is what I came up with tonight.

I'm supposed to be on vacation, but any opportunity to create with photographs, fonts & Photoshop is never work!

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