Sunday, October 11, 2009


35 years ago tonight, the rehearsal dinner at my soon-to-be in-laws was winding down. The house was filled with two families about to become one. His mother and aunts had served a home cooked feast, as only they could. The fathers were loud and enjoying the party, as they always did.
It was a perfect fall day and the next day promised to be the same. In fact, the next day held a lifetime of promise.

Four years of dating, two in high school, two during college in different cities. One 6-month breakup. We had survived the pre-marital counseling with a priest reluctant to join this good Catholic altar boy with a Methodist heathen. We had survived bridesmaid dress dissatisfaction, flower girl chicken pox, the scrutiny of well meaning Polish aunties, long distance wedding planning, and his job layoff just three days before the big event.

You know...if you can survive the wedding preparations, you can surely survive marriage!

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