Sunday, May 2, 2010

Green Beans

We met with some members of our Sunday School class in January to plan this year's class get togethers. We have a very big class & it's hard for people to get to know one another, so monthly activities are planned to promote fellowship & develop friendships. After some discussion, it occured to me that most of the activities revolved around food - potlucks, picnics, progressive dinners, going to the Amish restaurant, etc. Mind you, I'm not against enjoying the culinary delights life has to offer. We have some great cooks in the class! But in my experience, my best and most meaningful friendships have been made when working together on a common cause. So I threw the question out there. "Is there something we can do together that would benefit someone else? Then maybe we could go out for dinner afterwards." A wonderful lady mentioned that she knows someone who works at the area food bank & they always need help. And thus, "Fellowship With a Purpose" was born. We met at the food bank last Saturday. It wasn't at all what I pictured. It's in a nice, big building, very clean and organized. The staff are so sweet and there was plenty of work to do! We labeled cans, assembled boxes, packed & stacked 'em. We had couples, singles, and families come to help. The children worked right alongside the grownups.We processed over 7,000 cans of green beans, talking & sharing about life the whole time.As Martha would say: "it's a good thing."

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mwc said...

Great 'feel good' cause 85 we were on strike and I worked the food bank just about every week. It was busy work but so rewarding to see the peoples faces when they picked up their bags. Wouldn't mind doing it again... but without the