Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night Mindstreaming

Hello.I haven't been blogging very regularly. I'm not hiding.I think I write so much at work anymore, that I'm out of words when I get home. So here's a mindstreaming (a random collection of thoughts, unstrung, one having nothing to do with the other). We haven't done this in awhile.I'm on a diet. I haven't dieted in over 5 years. Now I know why. B.O.R.I.N.G. Here's the kicker - I feel better. Stiff muscles, aches & pains have nearly vanished. Phooey. Well, not phooey to feeling better, but phooey to that it must be true what they say - you are what you eat.Which means if I want to continue feeling better, I have to eat correctly. I really enjoy incorrect eating. I'm bored with Facebook. It's just what I said it was in the rant I posted awhile back. Here's another kicker - I don't want to lose contact with people and FB has become the community center, the town square, the watering hole of the cyberworld. I guess I'm stuck with it. Like Wal-Mart.Speaking of books, I have read an odd assortment in the last few months. All (I think) of Philppa Gregory. Waiting now on her next release. A couple Alison Weir's. Tried to read "Wolf Hall", but it was much too cumbersome. A fascinating book about Columbine called "Columbine." The book about John Edwards, "The Politician" (thank goodness he didn't make it thru the primaries.) About to start Kitty Kelley's unauthorized book on Oprah. I'm very envious of Oprah. I'm hoping this book will make me realize that I'm much better off than she is. After that, "Angelology" which looks quite interesting.I never posted the snow pictures I took in January. They were quite gorgeous too. Maybe next year, and I'll pass them off as recent.
I'm already dreading winter. I've rediscovered The Young & The Restless. I love the "Adam" storyline. I hope they didn't kill him off. What a great convenience to be able to watch it online whenever I want. Cheaper than buying a dvr or TiVo.
This month it's been 4 years already since my son graduated college. Still paying for it too. Oy.
I think that will wrap up tonight's Mindstreaming. I'm sure there's more; my mind is like a Monet painting. Well, maybe more like Picasso. :)Doll made by Laurie, a member of TDD.

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