Monday, May 31, 2010

Shabby Chic, Classical, Rock&Roll

I didn't like my HS senior picture, so in college, some company was offering a special deal on faux oil portraits complete with frame. I had one made for my parents, then my aunt & uncle asked for one too. When they passed away, it was returned to me. I put the picture in another frame & stored this one away to use for something else. Finally, today I got it out and repainted it. You might even say this frame is vintage as it's almost (xx) years old. Found the little crown & hook on clearance at my favorite craft store - and of course I HAD to have it (you remember my love for crowns). Then hung one of my very own hand-dyed silk scarves on it. Voila - shabby chic wall decor. A happy accomplishment today.

This picture was taken at a recent church celebration, a reunion of worship leaders, choir & orchestra members, and lots of church family & friends from over the years.
Even though worship music styles have changed over the years, when done skillfully and with the right heart attitude, it's all good. The reunion was a wonderful blend of 80's choruses with a Hebraic beat, 90's contemporary, and the new millennium sounds. It was such a fun day. The room was filled with love & joy. I think it might have been a little glimpse of what heaven will be like.

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