Friday, May 30, 2008


I would not normally post such an unflattering picture of Blu2, but lately he's really been a Bean-Head. This is Joe's nickname for him. I retaliate by calling his dog a Fat-Head. We're very mature in this house. Maybe Joe has spoken Blu's beanheadedness into being. Yep. It's his fault; he's the husband.

So what's the beloved Afghan been doing? First of all, he's turning into a Smedley. Once upon a time, we had an English Cocker Spaniel who became so attached to me that he suffered severe separation anxiety when I wasn't around. Clinginess is not an attribute that I'm attracted to, in people or dogs. Joe nicknamed that dog "Smedley" - I don't know why - but it fit. 

Afghans are supposed to be aloof and independant, which is one reason I like them. But Blu is not a normal afghan. He loves to play fetch and he actually brings the ball back to you. Most affies take the approach of "you threw it, you go get it." He loves attention and affection; I'm concerned he's on his way to becoming co-dependant, a Smedley. Second: he's becoming an insomniac. This is so not good, because I do enjoy sleeping and anyone who interrupts that gets on my cranky side. Third: all of a sudden, he hates his crate. He used to love it, would choose to sleep in it w/o being told. Now he's terrorizing the thing and has nearly destroyed it. Fourth: he's fighting with Harley. Bad dog.

Now is this not the picture of total cool? This guy has the right idea. Harley is so laid back, so sweet. He could take Blu down, but he doesn't. He fights back just enough to keep some dignity, but he'd rather be sleeping.

Oh Blu.....I think I hear a "snip snip" in your future.....

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