Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take a Moment

Recently I was asked to glance at a letter from one of our kindergarten teachers to her students' parents. It was a fun letter of classroom news, upcoming Valentine Parties, and information about the week's lessons. She praised the children's reading skills and encouraged the parents to listen to their little ones read. She said, "take a moment and be impressed." I thought that was such a lovely sentence and great advice for all of us.

Take a moment ... life is so busy. I haven't even posted anything but 2 pictures in the last month. So much has been happening and I really need to bring all of my 2 readers up to date! But take a moment...

look around & notice the beauty in nature and even ordinary things around you.
enjoy your children; they grow up too fast.
soak in a happy memory; that's what they're for, like a photo album in your mind.
be kind to someone, especially those kids at the fast food places & restaurants. You have no idea what burdens they might be carrying. Don't pass on your stress.
And be impressed ...
with God's creation. (wow, this morning there was quite an impressive sunrise here).
with how blessed you are.
with the time we live in. Yes, there's lots of negatives, but this is a Renassiance of sorts. So much art, literature, music, technology, scientific discoveries ... there's never been anything like this on this scale.
with yourself! You know what? You're probably doing a good job with your life, your family, your work. Give yourself some credit.

I thought this rock was pretty darn impressive. But I'm more impressed with the guy who's taking a moment himself.

He's a wonderful and amazing man. Full of energy, creativity, insight, and wisdom. I'm also impressed with his growing photography skills. He's learning to see something interesting in the ordinary. These were shot last summer during his missions trip in Spain:

Take a moment and be impressed.
Wise advice from a kindergarten teacher.

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