Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just in Time!

Hot pink & lime green. I love these colors! Always have.The perfect adornment to crown my latest creation's pretty green coif.
I found the feathers on clearance after Christmas in the mini-tree decorations. I got some lime green ones & a few other things, too. That's a great place to stock up on doll trimmings!Her top is a piece of hand-dyed silk from when I attempted to learn that particular artform. The little tap pants are trimmed in bright orange sequins left over from my banner-making days. She's holding a glass bubble I bought at Pier One a couple years ago. (I didn't like the hands & wanted to hide them.) I smiled when another doll artist said, "yep, you're a dollmaker now" because I combined 2 different patterns & made up the costume myself. WooHoo!
I finished her just in time for the TDD's April meeting. And just in time to start a new project in our 3-day workshop that begins tomorrow. I like to have projects completed before starting something new.This workshop has even the experienced dollmakers among us all-a-jitter. Angela Jarecki will be teaching us how to sculpt a doll (view it here; she's called "Reluctance") with paperclay, then cover with fabric. If they're apprehensive, think how I must feel - this will only be my 5th doll!
Wonder what my little green-haired friend sees in her gazing ball?

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