Sunday, November 18, 2007

Adventures in Arkansas

Two weeks off - yahoo! The first week is quickly past, but it was very productive. A pleasing mixture of creativity, catching up on housework, movies, rest, fun, and a even a day-trip. Thursday was autumny-warm & glowingly beautiful. We drove to Arkansas on scenic 412, had lunch, did some shopping, snapped a few pictures, and came home. It was good to get out of town even for just a few hours. 

This week will be spent much the same way, including celebrating Thanksgiving, then starting the Christmas decorating. But first a story from our Arkansas adventure...
We love road trips. We talk, talk, talk; look at the scenery, stop for coffee, talk some more, stop at places that look intriguing, sometimes do a little shopping. We were cruising along 412, enjoying our little day-trip, and came upon a very disturbing sight. If you are the slightest bit squeamish, you may want to skip the blog today. You've been duly warned:
Apparently in Arkansas, Upright Vacuums are not welcome. Trespassing vacuums are killed and their dead bodies impaled as a warning to others. I am not making this up. This photojournalist risked getting hit by (apparently unfazed) passing motorists and the very real threat of chiggers to bring you these pictures as evidence.

It was a tragic sight, one I shall never forget. I came home & hugged my little Dirt Devil.

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