Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Night MindStreaming

I haven't done a mindstreaming in awhile. Since I don't have a particular topic to write about, this might be a good time.

Snow cone, anyone?

New Pictures. I need some new pictures! The snow cone was actually taken last year. I didn't even want to venture outside for pix of that wicked snow we had at Christmas. I almost always build a blog around a photo, which is the main reason I haven't had much to say lately. The weather is cramping my style big time.

Wal Mart. It's Complicated. Not the movie, but my relationship with WM. I do not heart WM. But dang, who can beat the prices and selection? I think their concept of one-stop shopping is good, but - personal quirk - I cannot mix shopping categories. It just tips my tolerance meter. What I mean is, it's either groceries & personal care basics OR Other Stuff. Never the twain shall mix. Now, I can casually shop the Other Stuff side quite enjoyably and on my way out pick up, say, a gallon of ice cream. But I cannot grocery shop and on my way out, just pick up some towels. Doesn't work that way.

January Advertising. Yuk. This alone is a reason to dislike January. The Sunday paper ads are so cold and blah. Sorry, but there is just no way to make plastic tubs and tax organizers look exciting.

January Shopping. Bleh. Man, it's like opening the fridge and all you have is leftover remnants of holiday dinners. Yes, we all gripe that the Valentine's Day displays are up the day after Christmas, but let us bow our heads and give thanks for all that PINK to brighten an otherwise dreary month.

Books. I'm lost without a good book to read. Any fans out there of Gone With The Wind? I just finished a book called Rhett Butler's People. Very interesting back story on Rhett. It fills in what he was doing while Scarlett was saving Tara and other shenanigans. The author's writing style was a little choppy sometimes, but I got so interested in the story that I stopped noticing it after a couple chapters.

*sigh* Once a book is done, I really miss everyone in it. I've read GWTW countless times since the 8th grade. I bawled the first time through when Bonnie Blue died. I'm talkin' boohoo tears. Since I didn't have the book handy, I pulled out the movie and watched it for the umpteenth time. So love that book/movie. Today I went to the library & got Scarlett to read again. By the time I finish it, I should have Season 3 of The Tudors and will be all engrossed in Elizabethan England for awhile.

Reruns. TV reruns are one thing, but re-running pictures on my blog should be a no-no. Have I used the pink feather picture before? Just in case, let me leave you with happy-pink thoughts of spring to come:

That's my mindstreaming for today. Think I'll go open that book now....

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Julie said...

I remember going to West Point in January 2000 and the term Long Gray Line takes on a new meaning. The uniforms are gray, the buildings are gray, the weather is gray......Talk about "blahs-ville". It was to a formal dinner/ball and I wore black pelazzo pants but lots of sequins in golds, blues and greens on my jacket. All the girls looked like Spring Flowers in their gowns and in the midst of all that gray, it was very refreshing.