Saturday, May 7, 2011

Seattle Grunge - Floral Style

Continuing my series of flower photos...these were taken in Seattle last month.Flowering trees were part of the landscaping of a waterfall sort of fountain in the city. This is looking down on one level, where petals had fallen in the pool. Alongside the waterfall, about a 100 steps took you from one street level up to another. As I stood at the bottom looking up, I could only hope I'd still be alive when I got to the top. This photo-op provided an excuse to stop & rest half-way up and save face amongst my younger bros & sister! Oh my gosh - the flowers at Pike Place Market! So abundant & inexpensive. If I lived there, I would have taken home bunches & bunches.
And in keeping with Seattle's fame as the birthplace of grunge (in a good way), here's a little urban flower photography.

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