Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decorating!

Time to get out the stuff!

 It's that season...

 Wait...what's he doing here?

 This guy I can understand. He usually shows up on tv this time of year.

 Yeah, these little guys turn up, too.

Ok, I confess. This isn't my house. Like, you know, everyone has a carousel in their living room.

These are pictures from my church's children's building.

Volunteers came in Saturday and transformed it into a colorful world of Christmas fun!

 I'm not too sure about this next guy. He looks kinda mean. Maybe he's just impish.

You know what? I bet it's the RED m&m's that have all the calories!

Tomorrow, it's time to transform my house. Mickey won't be there but I do have some other whimsical characters who wander out of the attic at Christmastime.

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