Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Awesome Workout Routine!

MONDAY: a new week! Let's do this! 20 min treadmill warmup. Weight resistance machines. Sit ups on the exercise ball. 15 min in the massage chair as a reward. We're off to a good start.

TUESDAY: A scheduled day off since we're doing a M/W/F routine. Couldn't go after work anyway because it's Tuesday coffee night at B&N with hubby.

WEDNESDAY: 6:00AM. Hit the 15-minute snooze alarm. Wake up at 7. Rush around getting ready for work. That's surely worth a few thousand calories. Will definately make it up Thursday morning.

THURSDAY:  Morning workout is out of the question because Wednesdays are long & go late. Treadmill in the evening whilst watching reruns of Big Bang Theory. Pick up a pizza on the way home for Survivor night (recorded from Wed)

FRIDAY: Draaaag butt out of bed and into the gym to make 3-times-a-week goal. No chance of going after work because something is always happening on Friday night.

SATURDAY: A Saturday workout is unheard of. Besides, shopping, cleaning, and weekend errands burn off the same amount of calories. Right?

SUNDAY: The Good Lord has provided a Divine Excuse for not working out on Sundays. Praise be to the Lord.

MONDAY: A brand new week. Let's do this!

And so it goes.

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Dennis said...

Do the words workout and pizza belong in the same paragraph? just saying...