Monday, April 30, 2012

Classic Beauty

In my class on wedding photography last week, we shot a mock wedding at one of Tulsa's classic churches, Boston Avenue Methodist. I was much more interested in the building than the wedding.
[I realize the exposure is not great on the first two shots, but you gotta give me points for composition:)]

I attended a Methodist church as a child. It was the kind of experience that sours you on church at a tender age. As an adult, once I found my present church, where worship and Bible teaching is so alive...I said I'd never go back to a denominational church where wooden pews, pipe organs and hymnals would remind me of those lifeless, loveless beginnings.
This landmark church in downtown Tulsa is traditional times ten. However, after all this time, a little seasoning and maturity, I can now appreciate the history of the denomination and most of all, the grand beauty of classic architecture. Especially when designed so intentionally and full of symbolism.
Every curve, every flower in the stained glass, every element in design, inside and out, means something.
I love how the glass strips reflect on this door as seen below.

I couldn't resist the dichotomy of this traditional window with modern lighting.
I placed a Bible where the sun rays would fall on Genesis 2:24 (remember, this photo shoot was a mock wedding). Normally, I would place the wedding rings on the words "one flesh."
I thought the lines in this shot above were interesting.
The ceiling in the sanctuary is incredible.
I wonder how old this Bible is. It's open at the altar.
This isn't a great picture but I wanted to show it anyway so you would understand the picture below. This mosaic goes almost from floor to ceiling in the beautiful Great Hall.  A close up below of the mosaic tiles laid in the angled style of art deco.
This one is my favorite. Not touched up or altered in any way; just the natural light.

Next post will be some outdoor shots. Click here to read more about the architecture of this church.

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