Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo Therapy

Every day I pass a neighborhood with beautiful landscaping at the entrance and the way the sprinklers mist it in the morning and the rising sun lights it, it's just begging to be photographed! So early Saturday morning I set out to get a shot of it.

No sprinklers! Our area just put voluntary water rationing in place.

I wondered what other interesting pictures might be out there in this terrible dry spell we're in.

 I stopped at the wetland preserve where there's a bike/running trail. I've never seen it this dry! See the comparison?

 Next door to the trail was this great looking old barn. (Great looking in that vintage sort of way). It's disappeared under a tent of vines! Figures weeds will grow when nothing else will. That snow looks positively refreshing.

 Here's another view of the wetlands. Not so wet at the moment.

I heard a sad chirping and saw 2 cranes walking around the dry bed. This one found a puddle.

Some color amongst the dried up weeds.

On the opposite side of the trail, it's a little greener. This is the side where the vine-covered barn is. Must be better soil over there!

I love this shot of broken glass. Too bad it was left in the trail's parking area. Why do people have to be slobs?

Oh Crepe Myrtle! At least someone loves this wretched heat. Thank you for giving us a punch of cheerful color in the dregs of summer!

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