Monday, March 18, 2013

Sneak Preview

My art doll club issued a "challenge" for March...make a doll based on a work of art. I was stumped. I trudged off to the library and browsed the fantasy art books, looking for a pretty fairy or some interesting anime style character. I came across a book showcasing the work of Charles Vess and found my girl!
I liked the colors and thought this would be something quick & simple to put together. I could use a stump doll pattern (meaning no legs to deal with).  I borrowed a pattern called Angie, by Di McDonald and combined it with the arms & head pattern from The Raven, by Cindee Moyer.

Nothing is ever quick & simple! The face shading was a challenge but really fun to do. The doll is finished but I want to make a background. Then I will post pictures!

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