Monday, September 2, 2013

Junk/Antique Store Finds (part 1)

Last week I heard about a little antique/junk shop in nearby Broken Arrow. I decided to check it out yesterday. It's called My Papa's Barn and it was a good find!
I've driven past it many times, but the outside doesn't really beckon. More often than not I don't buy anything when I go junk-exploring. But once in awhile something jumps out at me. It's funny - when one thing jumps, it's like opening a floodgate. With no intention to purchase anything, I came home with four little items.
After breakfast this morning, I took some pictures...

The first thing that caught my attention was a pack of "Survival Cards" from the VietNam era. They were still sealed. I'd heard about these types of cards being used in Iraq to ID the bad guys, but I didn't know they'd been used in other wars.

I was an impressionable 13 year old when both my half-brother and cousin were sent to VietNam. I used to write them letters. They would bring me home Vietnamese dolls. Both boys sustained life-changing injuries (my handsome cousin died at the young age of 35).

 The years went by and that stupid war conflict wore on.

By the age of 17/18, when my own boyfriend and school friends were coming up for the lottery, I might have become a protester, but things were winding down and our attention was turning toward the MIA/POWs. I got a POW bracelet and didn't ever take it off until I watched the broadcast of the returning POWs and saw that soldier's name on the list of those whose feet once again touched US soil. God bless Lt. Col. Armand Myers. Thanks to the internet, I learned he passed away in 2002. I was finally able to put a face with a name. Here are two pages about this brave American hero.

This weekend our leaders are debating what action the US should take against Syria. For the record, I am absolutely against any further involvement in the Middle East.

And boy, could I rant about it, but, moving on.....

My next find was a bag of dominoes in a booth where everything was 40% off. I would've passed on it, but the little tag said "great for vase filler" and I thought, "yeah! that would look cool in my black/white/stainless kitchen!"

The one thing that made me gasp was the coffee pot below (on the left). I already had the Mikasa pitcher on the right that I just love as an art piece and thought the strong lines of the coffee pot would make a great companion piece. Didn't care about the cost on this one - had. to. have. it. (fortunately it was under $20.)

And finally, I got a little bag of assorted Scrabble pieces. These will be used as ephemera on an altered book or maybe some greeting cards.

I have some other pictures ready to post from a jaunt to another little antique-y town I took a couple months ago. Check back soon!

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