Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scarecrow Invasion

Wow, the year is going so fast! Next week is Thanksgiving. I figured I better finish out my fall pictures. Pretty soon it will time for something more Christmasy!

So here's the story...while on vacation in Georgia, we were looking for a certain store, got a little off track and wandered right into the most charming little town. It's called Ellijay and they were celebrating their annual "Scarecrow Invasion."

Scarecrows were everywhere! All the businesses participated. We saw people decorating their homes and the light poles lining the streets. It was like something out of a Hallmark feel-good movie. This is such a pretty little town; it has lots of interesting shops, antique stores, etc.

The scarecrows were dressed to reflect the business they represented. So without further ado, here are a few examples of the whimsical side of Ellijay, GA.

(couldn't resist a shot of the purple door)


Happy Thanksgiving from Popeye & Olive Oyle!

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