Monday, February 3, 2014

Led Zeppelin and ...Dolls?

My art-doll club issued a "challenge" for our February Show & Tell - make a doll inspired by music. It could be any song or something from a musical. Because I always need to make something sparkly, I thought Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds would be perfect. But my friend, Laurie, had the same idea. Because, you know, great minds and all that. I was wracking my brain and coming up blank. I even put a call out over Facebook. And while some good suggestions were being posted left & right, I had a eureka moment all on my own.

Yep, that's right. Stairway to Heaven. Oh the possibilities!

This 70s classic means something different to everyone. I always thought of Lord of the Rings, Galadriel and Lothlorien when I heard it. Beautiful, ethereal, mysterious Galadriel would be my inspiration!

I made the basic doll the same way as the last club challenge doll (see here). The head and arms are once again adapted from a Cindee Moyer pattern. The gown - I just figured it out as I went along, using pictures of Galadriel from The Hobbit movie as a guide.

Now what would be really cool, would be to have The Stairway...

Yay for the internet! Someone had figured out how to make a spiral staircase and posted their tutorial. That's where the simple $1 fan from Pier 1 Import comes in.

I needed something really simple and then I simplifed it even more, i.e. wasn't going to bother with a banister.

A bit of disassembling, cutting, a hole punch for the dowel, some gluing. Then stack the steps on the dowel using beads in between to stabilize.

Time to add the magic!

And here's the glittery stairway:

Oops! It's not dry. You'll have to come back tomorrow to see
a Lady who's sure
all that glitters is gold.

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