Monday, April 21, 2014

Interesting Finds at the "Junk" Shops

I love to browse the local junk/antique shops. I always go with the intention to just look, not buy, because I really don't expect to find anything I want. This is probably because of my bad experiences with garage sales. I have friends who happily boast about their amazing Saturday morning deals, but I never find anything at garage sales! I need to change that expectation for junk shops, though, because I always find more than one thing I want to bring home with me!

Today we had a lovely spring rain. The house was clean, supper was going to be leftovers from Easter dinner, so it was a perfect day to relax inside and cruise back in time at River City Trading Post in Jenks, OK.

I thought long & hard about this chair for a corner of my office. I would paint it black and exchange the canvas fabric for a tan color. I can see an Empress crown on the back, too. I didn't buy it but I'm going to go back next weekend and see if it's still there. I made myself be practical today - I was on the lookout for cheap flower containers. I found 2 galvanized buckets tucked back in a corner of a booth - only 6 bucks each!

Check out this group! I came across this booth when I was browsing at "My Papa's Barn" in Broken Arrow about 2 months ago. I took a picture & texted it to a friend:  I need these for my office, don't you think? (I'm a former Catholic-convert who now works in a non-denominational church. I was being sarcastic.)  Going along with the joke, she replied: I agree!

Again, I had no plans to buy anything; it was purely supposed to be a decompressing excursion. But, the more I looked at them, the more they made me smile! They are so cheerful! I picked one up and looked at the bottom. Texted my husband the picture with this message: Please Google "Happy Habits by Deb Wood." Always the helpful hubby, he did and texted back the info he found. They are collectors items, no longer being produced. I made an offer on the group of little ones and it was accepted...

...and here they are in their new home, my office, as envisioned. I love them and so has everyone at work who has seen them. They add a fun touch of whimsy. The doll is my steampunk version of Barbara Schoenoff's pattern "Circus Girl". Her color & height go well in that corner.

Who remembers the Owl Era of home decorating? I totally had this picture in the mid-70s. Doesn't it feel odd that things we had in our twenties are now considered vintage? Yikes!

My son is an avid collector of Transformers. I'm always on the lookout for them and very seldom spot one. This was at the Vintage Tulsa show a few weeks ago. I texted this picture and son replied "got 'em both."
Of course.

Below, is a Lassie stuffed toy. My husband shared once that he had a Lassie stuffed animal that he very dearly loved. I texted this picture and asked "is this it? Alas, it was not the right one. When I was taking the pic with the phone, the crotchety older lady manning the booth very curtly asked me what I was doing. I just chuckled and told her but she was not amused.

Taking pix with a cell phone is somewhat new to me. I know I'm late to this party and there's a long story why. But it sure is handy, especially when "antique" shopping!

I saved the best treasure-find for last. I could not believe what was for sale at this one booth....

And no, I did not buy any.

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