Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Pix

A sampling from recent photo outings....  At the first hint of a warm day, I went in search of some early signs of spring.

By that, I mean I was hoping for some wild flowers to be popping up in the woods. This is the first colorful thing I saw.

I kept walking. Up ahead was a bit more color - but in an unexpected place.

Yes, that is gum stuck to the tree. Kind of unique, isn't it?  I continued my photo walk without seeing so much as a dandelion. But with a little imagination, I could picture this fallen tree as some fairy bridge to a magical land.

While not colorful, I did enjoy the delicate look of these weeds.

Finished the walk and took the long way home. What's that I spy? A field of daffodils?

They were planted in an old cemetery.

Next up - the moonrise! This was the night before the "blood moon."

I did get up early to see the blood moon but it was already in partial eclipse. Thinking we still might see it turn red, we hopped in the car and dashed on the turnpike to a high elevation spot we know of. A couple other people were already there. Although we missed seeing the red moon, we looked back to the east and saw a gorgeous sunrise. On the left side of the photo is Oral Roberts University.

And the last picture in tonight's photo journal was taken at my favorite library recently. My art doll club set up a display in the lobby. Check it out here.

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Julie said...

So ready for some Spring color to start popping up. Probably not until late May, however. Looking forward to what you might find, as well.