Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's That Time of Year!

It's summer. It's hot.
That must mean it's time for church camps, day camps, and Vacation Bible Schools!

Time for kids to learn about God's wondrous creation...

through making art, listening to stories, putting on plays, learning about gardening and cooking and having summer fun! I was "volunteered" to do the science activity.

 This was a lesson in chromatography; with the results, we made butterflies.

This was a lesson in ultraviolet light and an experiment with UV beads & different SPF sunscreens.

"Cooking" time! The kids made puppy chow one day and decorated cookies another day. The best thing about this lesson is they get to eat the results!

Summers with my own little guy and his friends are some of my best memories. They're all grown up now and there's no little "grands" in sight. This was a good way to do one of my favorite things - helping children make happy summer memories. Priceless.

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mwc said...

Everyone talks of Spring as the time for planting seeds. The truth is seeds need to be planted year round. God bless the people that sponsor and conduct these
summer camps that get kids out into the real world instead of behind some video game !