Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Drive-by Shooting -- With a Canon

I had a Saturday morning alone with no obligations (a rare occasion). The weather was cool and perfect for a convertible ride and photography excursion.

I had a particular place in mind in a small town nearby. I figured this certain spot would be easy to find but I drove all over with no luck.

There was really nothing anywhere that would make an interesting picture and I'm pretty good at finding insignificant stuff and zeroing in on it (at least I think so).

I drove through another tiny town and there was nothing at all there. It was kind of depressing. Turned around to head home and saw this one building. I hadn't really noticed it when I went thru town the first time. I pulled into a side street and, not even getting out of the car, snapped a couple shots.

This cast-off building was maybe once somebody's business, maybe their dream. Now it sits abandoned and boarded up. I thought it was beautiful, a work of art.

The curves of the windows, the color of the brick.
See how this table and it's objects are artfully.

Such a bright red for such a forlorn structure!

I drove around to the back, snapped a couple more pix, then around to the other side and saw this row of windows. The patina of time working with design and decay makes it so interesting.

I ventured on down the road and saw a sign pointing to another small town I've never been to. That turned out to be a true country road, a gravel one-laner that came to a dead end.

So again I turned the car around and again noticed something I had missed on my purposeful journey through the first time. Wildflowers growing alongside the rusty barbwire fence. Not one to go home with an empty SD Card, I snapped the flowers and de rigueur hay bales.  

I did my best to salvage my trip with a couple pictures and didn't even have to leave the car. Best of all, I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday morning, because...summer is flying by!

Sometimes we're so intentional with our plans,
we miss the sweet moments
that are there for us to enjoy in just be-ing.

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