Monday, September 26, 2016

A Royal Announcement

But first, this commercial break...
As you may know, I'm a Game of Thrones (Song of Ice & Fire) Geekess. That's important to know. You'll soon understand why...

A major character is a beautiful blonde named Daenerys, of House Targaryen, also known as Daenerys Stormborn or "Dany" to her friends. She has a plethora of other titles - Queen of the Andals, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, for example. But my favorite is "Khaleesi" which is like a Queen to the Dothraki people. That's another story.

Don't get bored yet! Keep reading...

If you've followed my blog or Facebook, you know just three weeks ago my dear, funny Afghan Hound, Blu2, crossed The Rainbow Bridge.

I love animals and pretty much all of God's creation (except insects & reptiles) but my pet of choice is a dog. When I was 18 and in college I didn't have a car, so I had to take the bus for weekend visits home. Passing through Cambridge, Ohio I saw a young woman walking the most gorgeous creature I'd ever laid eyes on. I had never seen or heard of an Afghan Hound before. This one was all black, in full glorious coat. He pranced like he owned the world, all that black silky fringe swaying to the beat. I was smitten, plunged through the heart with some kind of Cupid's arrow. When I got married, one of the first things we did was buy a black afghan hound. His name was Ratahn.

Afghans are works of art. They are poetry in motion. They are music, dance, and, yes, humor, bundled up in a regal clown of unparalleled beauty. When one crosses The Bridge, this earth loses another pixel or two of color.

As Blu was aging, I started thinking he would be my last afghan and I would probably get a cute little lap dog to see me through my golden years. Young afghans have a lot of energy and are a lot of work!
The night he passed I couldn't sleep so I started searching for Havanese and ShihTzus. Then just like a soft feather brushing across my mind, I "saw" an adult, cream colored afghan. I think the Holy Spirit did an Obi-Wan Kenobi on me, because without thinking, I simply closed the Havanese website I was on and googled "Afghan Rescue." Nothing came up there. I looked at some other kennel sites and got sticker shock.

Just out of curiosity, I checked out the kennel that had produced my Blu2 (Wynsyr). I saw they were expecting a litter of pups the first part of this month. Scrolling down was a short note saying they may possibly have an older dog and to send inquiries. But based on my research that night, I didn't think I could afford an afghan hound at all this time. The breed is getting rare and prices are high. I sort of shelved the idea thinking it would be better to wait and not make decisions in grief.

I waited til after Labor Day to call Blu's "Grandma" as I didn't want to spoil her holiday. She had just come from seeing the new Wynsyr pups and was so excited. She talked about getting one and going back into the show ring. It was hard breaking the news about Blu. We cried and laughed and talked about our dogs and the new puppies. She said she would be on the lookout for me and would have others do so too.

The very next morning she texted me a picture and said this 10 month old may be available. I literally gasped. It was exactly what I saw in my spirit! 

It turned out to be the dog mentioned on the Wynsyr website. And she is Blu2's niece! Phone calls were made, emails passed, texts went back and forth -- and this weekend we made a quick round-trip to the Chicago area.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are thrilled to introduce
Dany, the new Khaleesi of south Tulsa!

(When she is older & in full coat, she may look something like the beauty on the left, 
hence the GoT fan-girl reference) 

Yeah, so much for Saturday's beautiful grooming...

But I think she likes her new yard :)

So while I shall retain the title of Empress in this house, I joyfully relinquish the title of Khaleesi. She is definitely going to co-reign in our little kingdom.

I shared some of the personal side of this story, the spiritual aspect. You may have a different belief system or don't think there's a "Holy Spirit" who would impress a picture on your mind. That's ok. I know what I know. It's happened so many times. I can't answer why God did this for me when I have other very important prayers in the que -- but because He showed His tender caring in the matter of a pet, I am resting in assurance that those other "very important matters" will no doubt be taken care of too, in the best possible timing.

Thank you, dearest friend Pat, and Scott & James at Wynsyr!
We pray buckets of blessings on both your houses today!!


Jason Cook said...

Yay! That's so awesome. Now, you should get a pug named Tyrion.

Deb Henceroth said...

God knows the desires (and burdens) of our heart and what we need at just the right time. So glad He sent Dany to you. Beautiful dog and beautiful story. Deb

Sammie Cummings said...

Congratulation! What a beautiful testimony of God's love for us in all things, large and small.