Saturday, January 12, 2008

The "Highly Overrated" List - My Top Five

sculpture outside the Kansas City Art Museum

What prompted this particular list-rant? We went to see The Bucket List today. I'm sure hundreds of people will be compiling their own Bucket List after seeing the movie. Heck, I may do one myself and post it later. But I left remembering how I've always thought Jack Nicholson is highly overrated. I've never been a fan but I have to give him credit for this - he created professional celebrityism long before Paris Hilton. The man devised and projected a persona of ultimate cool and everyone bought it! Perception is everything.
So Jack is first on my list. Next up:
2. Caviar. Caviar is high priced fish eggs. Need I say more?
3. Oklahoma Lakes. No offense to the homies, but...
4. Being a Kid. I much prefer calling the shots in my own life. Being a kid is highly overrated.
5. Designer Labels. People, think about this: someone you've never met puts their name or initials on a purse or the seat of a pair of jeans. They charge an outrageous price and get free advertising, too. They should be paying you!

By the way, two words about The Bucket List. Rent it.

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