Monday, January 28, 2008

List Time!

Thought I'd do a blog of lists tonight. DISCLAIMER: there is nothing spiritual here & just a little meloncholy. The rest is pure shallow fun.

The meloncholy part: 5 things I miss.
1. My son being a little boy. I've completely enjoyed each year of his life, right up to today. It's fun watching him blossom as his career begins. But if I had to pick a favorite age, it would be the years between 6 & 10. He & his little friends were fun to have around, their imaginations were so vivid. (Maybe I also liked the control factor. Mother of an only son. Poor guy.)
2. Summer vacations. I'm not talking 2 weeks here. I'm talking 3 whole months. Why did they train us to think you don't have to work in summer & then when you grow up you're hit with that shocking reality?
3. My church as it was between '84 & '89, some of the 90's. If you were there, you know what I'm talking about. If you weren't, sorry you missed it.
4. Being a young Christian. It was like a romance. Now there's more responsibility - just like life.
5. Dance classes!

5 things I don't miss:
1. School. I had a great school experience but once was enough.
2. Driving a stick shift
3. All of my jobs prior to this one
4. Used cars. Grew up with unreliable, always needing repaired, used cars. Never again.
5. Going to the laundromat. O dear Lord, I have never ceased to be thankful for my own washer & dryer.

Just for fun: 5 people I'd like to meet but never will.
1. Bono
2. Antonio Banderas
3. Robin Williams
4. Elvis
5. Jackie Kennedy

5 things I haven't done & don't care!1. Read classic literature. I'm an avid reader, but I just really don't care about reading the great authors. Nyeh.
2. Bungee jumped. I'd be open to sky diving but never, never bungee jumping.
3. Learned Spanish. Yes, it would be pratical but French is much prettier.
4. Learned to read music. I have a mental block about this due to a traumatic experience in 2nd grade music class. But now I don't care!
5. Been to South America.
Five things I can't stand:
1. Snobs of any kind. Fashion snobs, food snobs, education snobs, formerly-fat-but-now-thin-snobs, and especially "Word" snobs.
2. Modern day Pharisees. See #1.
3. Seafood.
4. Angry, strife-spreading, spitting, windbag talk radio celebrities. I won't Neil down and Rush to give you any names, though.
5. Thieves. It really makes me mad that someone would steal from others rather than work for their own.
Wow, that last group got me riled. Time for something frivolous. Finally, here is my Bucket List. I know you've been breathlessly waiting for it since 2 posts ago.

5 things I'd like to do/see/accomplish before my final bow.

1. take a cruise

2. have my dream house

3. See U2 in concert.

4. reach my ideal weight

5. be driven around the country sightseeing; kinda like Driving Miss Daisy

So there's my lists. What's on yours?

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