Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Majesty of Love

Easter is tomorrow. Resurrection Day. Victory over eternal death. Joy, hope, triumph, health, and life abundant - here & hereafter. All because of Love. Not human love, but the love of the God of All Creation, seen and unseen. The High and Lofty One, Who inhabits Eternity, yet has chosen to dwell in us.

It's mind boggling; actually, pretty incomprehensible. I don't think we Christians, no matter how much education we have - seminary or otherwise - really grasp the love of God. No amount of study, theology, praying, or good works can help you wrap your mind around it. This kind of Love is not meant to be understood anyway; it just IS. All we need to do is receive it. Let it engulf you, wash over and through you.

In recognition and celebration of Easter, I'm posting pictures of banners that I was part of making many years ago. People still tell me that they miss them. They really did set a tone of majesty and grandeur when used in processionals. I was never able to get good pictures of them, so this posting really does not do them justice. Pictures really don't do any banner justice, no matter how well made. Banners need to move to be most effective. I've seen people wipe tears from their eyes or fall to their knees as the banners processed by them. Not in worship of the banners, which are just fabric and sequins, but from an overwhelming awareness of the majesty of the One the banners represent.

When I look at these pictures, I see the flaws and imperfections and wish I could go back and re-make them. Once again the camera has frozen something for all time, flaws and all. It makes me realize the joy of life in Christ: our flaws are not frozen in time. God does not even see them because He only sees Jesus. His shining perfection is so blinding that our imperfections are obliterated. His grace truly is amazing.

Blessings on you this Easter weekend.
Love --the Gypsy.

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