Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Reading a daily devotional by Dick Mills. On the March 22 devo, he comments on a scripture from Psalm 66:12 NKJ "...But You brought us out to rich fulfillment." He said that rich fulfillment is translated from the Hebrew word revayah meaning total satisfaction. This is the same word David used in Psalm 23 " cup runneth over." Revayah.

The root of revayah means "to slake the thirst" or "to abundantly satisfy the appetite." It's the picture of God so generously pouring into your cup that it spills over the brim. His pitcher never empties, either; He can pour and pour and pour and never run out. Abundant, satisfying provision is God's way.

This chapter in context is praising God for His deliverance from terrible circumstances. Verse 12: "...We went through fire and through water; BUT You brought us out to rich fulfillment"

Do you feel like you're going through the fire right now? Be strong, don't give up. Trust God. Revayah is waiting for you. Are you drowning in your present situation? Don't despair; the water will not overtake you. And ravayah is on the other side. The place of rich fulfillment. God promises.


Bob Cole said...
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Bob Cole said...

OK, OK, you and Al have been doing a lot of praying and your blog is powerful. No kidding. After reading Al's and then this one of yours, it was overwhelming how much God spoke through you. Incredible photos to go with the thoughts, too. Thanks, Sis.