Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trivial Pursuits

"Get Connected" was a snappy little slogan (way overused) in the church a few years ago, used to encourage people to get involved. Connecting is very important to people. We're pack animals; a tribal culture. We need to communicate.

You've heard of cell phones, right? And texting? Obviously you know about blogging. Do you know what Twitter, Facebook, MySpace are about? They're all 'connecting' tools. We're more connected now than ever. I guess the more scattered & on-the-move our society becomes, the more we search for ways to connect.

But I gotta ask: since when does everyone of my tribe and especially not of my tribe, need to know my every single move? Wouldn't I have to be really full of myself to think I'm THAT important? Or my life THAT interesting?!

Here it comes: Facebook Rant. Facebook has been around a few years. It was hot with the college crowd first, then the hipper young adults. And now the grownups have joined in (probably the Kiss of Death for poor Facebook). Recently, hubby was sent an email inviting him to be someone's "Facebook Friend." He started an account and the list of "friends" has grown exponentially. It's interesting to see how the Facebook society interconnects, interweaves, and increases daily. It's like watching that verse come alive... "and He added to their numbers daily." Except this has nothing to do with the gospel.

Many of these interconnected people are not friends at all - they don't even know each other. Some of the ones who want to be added as 'friends' on hubby's Facebook were not real friends in real life, so why do they want to be his friend now? Another thing that puzzles me is why would you 'talk' to someone on Facebook where everyone else can 'eavesdrop' on your conversation?

Facebook & Twitter are the lamest thing I've ever seen. Why anyone would think the trivia of their lives deserves a fraction of bandwidth is beyond me. It goes like this:
"(name) is drinking 2 glasses of wine."
"(name) is watching Ugly Betty."
"(name) is sitting in traffic."
"(name) just went potty!"

Who the heck cares?! That is NOT connecting. If you want to connect, pick up the d*#@! phone and TALK to someone who really cares about you! And show that you care about them. Spend a few minutes hearing their voice and if possible, see them face to face. Look in their eyes, touch their hand. Feel the connection that happens between people who matter to each other. Talk about real things; things important to them, to their lives, to their soul.

triv·i·al \ˈtri-vē-əl\
adjective 1: commonplace, ordinary 2 a: of little worth or importance; characterized by having all variables equal to zero. In other words: Facebook, Twitter, et al.

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HighDLife said...

You have hit the nail on the head. People who didn't care to get to know me in person now want to be my friend on line. I think few are wanting to be a friend but most just want to tell you what they are doing. And these folks are usually the ones who write the most on facebook. Crazy world we live in. Even so come Lord Jesus come!