Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 Reasons

...why I LOVE 24:
  1. Jack carries a magical manpurse. It has no bottom. Everything he could possibly need in any given situation is in there; including a change of clothes.
  2. Jack can get anywhere in LA in 15 minutes. Traffic is no obstacle.
  4. No matter how intense the situation, Jack always remembers to say Please & Thank You.
  5. In a 24 Crisis, Jack never has to stop to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.
  6. Jack’s compartmentalization skill is superb. He can torture his brother & comfort him at the same time.
  7. Jack’s been fired a lot. It never matters. They can’t do without him.
  8. Jack’s hoodie is like an Elvish cloaking device.
  9. Jack can hold his breath longer than Michael Phelps.
  10. Jack can’t leap tall buildings at a single bound, but he can jump off them without breaking a bone.
  11. “This is our last chance to find (fill in the blank)” is never really the last chance.
  12. Jack is a dynamic compact combo of Rambo, Arnold, JetLi, Dirty Harry, & Captain Kirk in one little blond guy - yet still in touch with his tender side.
  13. Jack has a cool, gravelly voice.
  14. Satellites are always at Jack’s disposal.
  15. Jack is not a man-slut. He’s had problems with the women he loves, but deep down, he’s a one-woman kind of guy.
  16. There is no gray in the 24 Universe. It’s either black or white; right or wrong.
  17. Jack got to whack his boss. Not that I condone that, but who hasn’t had that fantasy moment at one point in their career? And he asked forgiveness before pulling the trigger.
  18. No matter how many times the bad guys get away just before his arrival, Jack never drops the f-bomb.
  19. Jack was asked by his boss to make a ridiculous sacrifice immediately after being released from a Chinese prison. He didn't get mad.
  20. Jack is a good dad, whether Kim thinks so or not. He would slay any dragon for his daughter.
  21. No matter what it is, Jack knows how to shoot it, drive it, fly it, or disarm it.
  22. Jack throws out the rules to get the job done without compromising his integrity.
  23. Jack Bauer is always right. Even if he’s not.
  24. The bad guys always pay.

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