Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day Update

First of all, here is the scene of the crime. I have 3 good sizes bruises from slipping on the deck. 2 on my arm from hanging onto the porch pole for dear life & one on the hip where I literally 'hit the deck.' Yeee-ouch!It's been pelleting on & off all day. Pelleting means: not rain, not snow, but tiny little ice pellets. It makes an interesting sound. Just a few minutes ago, it actually turned to snow.

Blu doesn't know what to do when he goes out. He hears that tinkling sound & just stands in the middle of the yard listening, looking quite concerned.

Some back yard pictures. And thanks to my DEAREST friends in the whole wide world, I could stand in the door and zoom in on this. Thank You, Dear Ones!

Just as long as this guy hangs in there, we'll be fine!

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