Sunday, May 10, 2009

Introducing ...

A few posts ago, I put up some teaser pictures of "something new" I was working on and invited you to check back. So here it is. Let me introduce you to ...Sorry, she's rather shy.She knows she is a FirstMade and for now, the only one of her kind.I think, for that reason, her name shall be "Eve."
She's already made her debut to the Tulsa Dolling Dames, who receieved her most kindly.
She is a 21 - 22" soft-sculpted art doll. She has a dancing partner on the way. He is running quite late. They are dressed up and and in clown makeup for Le Masquerade.
Eve was 'born' during the spring snow storm. It was a magical day. A dozen ladies with their beautiful fabrics and trims, busily cutting, sewing, encouraging each other and learning new techniques in our workshop with the doll's designer, Barbara Schoenoff, while the hugest snowflakes I've ever seen were tumbling down outside.Just a little note: her yellow underskirt is made from a piece of silk Joe brought back from India for me - exactly 20 years ago! (Heavens, where did the time go? Does anyone else have fabric in their stash that old?) It's been fun to see all the different interpretations of this pattern from our club. Barbara calls the dancing pair "Pas de Duex." They, and her other patterns, can be seen/purchased at

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Violet said...

How creative! Eve is lovely : )
The fabrics are gorgeous!